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Hello from Gilly

Hello from Gilly


Firstly thank you for finding my website and so am presuming (cheekily) that you are interested in Sculpture and especially Sculpture for the Country Home.

This first chat is just to let you know who I am and what I do.   OK my name is Gilly and I started sculpting rather late in life by taking myself back to college, aged 50, and studying sculpture at The Frink (School of Figurative Sculpture) and then Stafford University Fine Arts Department.

Am now living in a field in Ireland and able to watch the wildlife sauntering by, oh, and I also have horses . I have started casting mostly in bronze as I feel that it gives such presence to a work and you are able to create such beautiful patination which makes every piece unique.

I am hoping to add to this regularly with details of my everyday life sculpting – good wishes