HAN – The Water Horse


HAN – The Water Horse is a unique horse head in pure bronze set on a plinth of Kilkenny Marble.

HAN is now an original as the mold has been damaged beyond repair – he is the Original

As I was watching my mare I realised she was making the same movement as depicted by the Chinese during the Han dynasty. I looked long and hard at Han images and then the idea and my reality emerged.

At the end of the casting process in the foundry, the patina work is carried out to create the end colour and finish and HAN has become The Water Horse due to the wonderful and unusual green/blue patination. HAN is pure bronze, made in the lost wax tradition.

Limited Edition of 3 this being the second and it is signed and numbered.

The measurements are 17″ x 15″ x 8″ (43 x 37 x 20cm) and weighs 49lbs or 22 kilos.

Additional information

Weight 24000 g